This tour stretches through three countries 

Germany, The Czech Republic, Poland

where much of the most important European history from the last century was written…

Our trip starts in the German capital of Berlin ends in Krakow, the most beautiful city in Pol. On the way we will pass through the wooded region full of natural lakes south of Berlin. We then visit Dresden, known not only being the target of one of the biggest Allied bombing raids during World War II but also its amazing art galleries. We will ride along the Elbe River see some beautiful natural sstone mations spend a night in Olomouc, the second most famous city historical monuments in the Czech Republic. In Olomouc, we join the so-called Amber Trail (an ancient trade route from the coast of the North Sea to the Mediterranean Sea) we will, more or less, follow it all the way to our final destination in Krakow. Krakow is one of the very few cities in Pol that was not destroyed during the war its rich history dates back to the 7th century. However, bee we reach Krakow, we will pass through some beautiful countryside, state parks natural preserves see many old historical monuments in Moravia Pol.

Since there is so much to see in Berlin as well as Krakow, we certainly encourage you to stay a few more days on each side of the trip. If you decide to extend your stay bee or after the trip, we can help you, if desired, to arrange the extra nights of your stay.

What is Included

  • Accommodations (10 nights) – 3-star hotels pensions
  • Breakfasts every morning 6 dinners
  • Sightseeing (including a walking tour in Berlin, a tour of Zwinger, the famous palace with world class art collections in Dresden, a walking tour of Krakow)
  • Van support with snack stops along the route; luggage transport
  • Bus transfers
  • Cue sheets copies of maps
  • Bilingual tour guide ride leader on route
  • Option extended stay in Berlin Krakow Itinerary **


Day 1:
Berlin. Check-in sightseeing 

After you check-in ( those who are just arriving), we will have a bike fitting session, after which we will regroup at the reception at 1.00 p.m. set out a three-hour introductory walking tour of Berlin with a professional guide. You will have the opportunity to see the center of the historically rich reunited city, which was artificially divided by the Berlin Wall over 25 years. In the evening, we will meet our welcome dinner orientation meeting.   

Day 2:
Berlin – Baruth Mark (73 km / 46 miles)

Today, we pedal through the wooded lake areas south of Berlin, passing through the town of Zossen, a very important military town in recent history. Zossen had prisoner of war camps during WW I Wehrmacht underground headquarters during WW II, during the Cold War, it was a Soviet military camp (part of communist East Germany).

 We will spend the night nearby Baruth/Mark, a small town surrounded by nature reserves.

Day 3:
Baruth Mark – Senftenberg Lake (93 km / 58 miles)

We continue heading south, riding through the beautiful natural park of “Naturpark Niederlausitzer Lrücken” via the town of Finsterwalde. The town dates back to the 13th century it is especially famous its Gothic Church. Overnight we stay on the bank of one of the largest artificial lakes in Germany, Senftenberg Lake, also called Senftenberg See.

Day 4:
Senftenberg Lake to Dresden (74km / 46 miles)

Still heading south, we pass through along some more nature reserves, woods lakes. We pedal through a few small German towns villages (such as Schwepnitz Konigsbruck), eventually arriving to beautiful Dresden on the banks of the Elbe River. We spend the night here. Apart from other sightseeing, we visit the Zwinger Palace some of its world famous art collections.

Day 5:
Dresden to Decin bus transfer to Olomouc (64 km / 40 miles)

We follow the beautiful Elbe River today. We cross the border to the Czech Republic, continue along the river admire the sstone mation of a famous sstone state park, which surrounds the river on the Czech side of the border. After arriving in Decin, we transfer by bus to Olomouc, where we spend the night. Olomouc is a historical city in Moravia the second most famous city historical monuments in the Czech Republic (after Prague).

Day 6:
Olomouc – Stramberk (83 km / 52 miles)

In Olomouc, we join the so-called Amber Trail that used to be one of the most important north-south trade route connecting the Adriatic Sea with the Baltic Sea. Today we pass by the imposing Helfstyn Castle ( you will have the opportunity to explore it on your own during our lunch break). We continue to Stary Jicin with its ancient ruins to Novy Jicin with its arcade Renaissance chateau. From here it is a short ride to today’s destination, Stramberk, a small town especially famous its Gothic castle timbered houses from the 18th 19th centuries.

Day 7:
Stramberk – Cieszyn (67 km / 42 miles)

We continue on the Amber Trail today, passing through Koprivnice. Time permitting, you can visit a technical museum of the old Czech car maker Tatra with many interesting veteran cars on display here. We also pass by Hukvaldy, famous its ruined castle. It is also the birthplace of composer Leos Janacek. We eventually arrive to Cesky Tesin/Polsky Cieszyn a town on the Czech-Polish border. We spend the night at the Polish side of the town, in a nice hotel just a very short walk from the town’s main square its historical center.

Day 8:
Cieszyn – Zywiec (69 km / 43 miles)

Riding in Pol today, we pedal along the Wisla River first. Once we say goodbye to the river, we continue through the beautiful nature of the Beskid National Park, arriving in Zywiec, an old historical town center of the region, located by Zywiec Lake. Today is a “hilly” day but the views are worth it. Zywiec is also known making one of the best beers in Pol, so we will visit its famous brewery in the afternoon you can taste the beer yourself…

Day 9:
Zywiec – Krakow (27 km / 17 miles)

We continue east toady, following the Amber Trail. We pass through ests, small Polish towns villages, seeing the “timber architecture” of the region. We need to climb a few hills today as well but the overall distance is short. At about noon, we will board a bus shuttle to Tyniec, a great Benedictine Abbey on the Vistula River, just a few miles from Krakow. We will have plenty time to have a drink /or lunch there. After our monastery visit, it is just a short ride along the river to Krakow, the most beautiful city in Pol the final destination of our trip. In the evening, we will have our last dinner together.

Day 10: Krakow

Today is reserved sightseeing Krakow. Our introductory walking tour of the city is scheduled 10.00 a.m. After the tour, you will have plenty of time to explore this beuatiful city some more on your own. We will get together a goodbye drink sometimes during the afternoon.

Day 11: Krakow

The tour is officially over after breakfast. We encourage you to stay a day or two longer to explore Krakow, one of the few cities in Pol that was mostly spared from bombing during WWII.

Trip Difficulty

For full enjoyment of the trip, you should come prepared to complete the 60-80 km / 40-55 mile days comtably on flat gently rolling terrain. Most of the hilly terrain occurs during the last four days of the trip.

We strive to design our route along small, quiet, picturesque roads with as little car traffic as possible /or bike paths that enhance our sightseeing of the local areas. With the exception of a few short sections of firmly packed dirt, all the roads bike paths are paved, which means that the trip is suitable road bikes as well as hybrids.


Berlin is serviced by Tegel Airport, not too far from the city center our accommodation in Berlin. Public transportation reasonably priced taxi services are available from the airport to the city.

Krakow is serviced by John Paul II International Airport, about 7 miles west of the city. Apart from taxi services, there are train bus public transportation services available to the city. The train service has been suspended due to renovations but should be back running in 2016.

Bike Rental

If you wish to rent a bike from us, we have the following fully serviced, light, quality, road/fitness bikes available:

  • Fuji Absolute 2, 3, 4, flat hlebars
  • Fuji Newest 1 2, drop hlebars
  • Fuji Roubaix 1.3, drop hlebars

Your rental bike comes with a rear luggage rack, bungie cord, extra tube levers, water bottle cage, pump, lock, odometer. The price renting a bike this tour is $200 Fuji Absolute or $270 Fuji Newest or Fuji Roubaix.

* Our expenses are mostly payable in Euros. Because of the constant fluctuations in currency rates, we reserve the right to increase the trip price. The trip price may increase depending on the currency exchange rate of the Euro to the USD /or AUD at the moment of your final payment. The trip price shall increase if the USD/Euro exchange rate exceeds 1.10 /or AUD/Euro exchange rate exceeds 1.60.

** We reserve the right to change the itinerary without notice especially, but not only, safety reasons