On our bike tours, we stay in meticulously selected 4-star 3-star hotels Bed & Breakfast inns. We always strive to select the best, yet affordable hotels. Generally, we prefer smaller hotels to big chains. Moreover, we favor bike-friendly hotels. Whenever we have a group dinner in our hotel, we make sure that the hotel restaurant has a great meal selection. Sometimes we stay in “wellness hotels”, where you have the option of enjoying a sauna, whirlpool or massage.

Breakfasts are always included on our bike tours. Generally, we do not provide lunches, but our SAG van supplies you with a selection of water, tea or a sport drink, snacks (fruit, nuts, cookies, etc.) throughout the day. 

While cyclists usually do not eat huge lunches, you can always stop in a restaurant have a more substantial meal if you wish. Or, we can add picnic lunches when desired. This seems to be especially welcome in the case of longer days.

As dinners, we often have a group dinner, which can consist of a buffet style dinner or carefully selected meal menus. Alternatively, on some evenings, you may have a dinner on your own, particularly in places where the restaurant selection is extensive. In that case, we always provide some recommendations of good places to eat.

In any case, food is one of the things on our tours we are very fond of. We invest lots of time in locating the best possible establishments with the best local as well as international cuisine.


About 90-95% of our tours are on paved roads. They are theree suitable road bikes as well as hybrids. Based on the tour length profile, we assign our bicycle tours to one of three basic difficulty levels. They come with recommendations about how well one should be prepared in order to be able to comtably complete the given mileage (see below). Nevertheless, should you think that you are not quite ready a certain level, it is not a problem provided you don’t mind spending some time in our SAG van with our knowledgeable entertaining drivers. On our tours, you can ride as much as you like shorten your time in the saddle based on your desire fitness level.

If, example, your partner is an avid cyclist you are not, if you still love to spend holidays together see the places we go to, you can actually be on our bike tour without even getting on the bike. The choice is yours.


You should be able to cycle safely to ride 30-60 km / 20-40 miles per day on a mostly flat or gently rolling terrain.


To fully enjoy the trip, you should be prepared to complete 60-95 km / 40-60 miles days comtably on flat, rolling or moderately hilly terrain.


You should be an experienced rider to complete all the mileage on this trip. For a full enjoyment of the trip, you should come prepared to complete 80-110 km / 50-65 miles per day in a terrain that can be moderately to very hilly. The route may also include several climbs. You also must know how to descend long, sometimes steep, downhills how to correctly use your brakes during such descents!


We strongly believe that we offer the best value bike tours in the areas in which we operate. This is what you get when you join us:

  • Lodging in carefully selected hotels bed breakfasts.
  • Plentiful breakfasts every morning  a selected number of dinners.*
  • Knowledgeable experienced tour guide ride leader en route.
  • SAG van support with drink snack stops throughout the day.
  • Luggage transport mechanical support.
  • After during-cycling activities sightseeing, such as walking tours, boat tours, wine tastings, visits of thermal spas, breweries, museums, castles, etc., culinary experience, much more.*
  • Option extended stay bee after most trips.
  • Bike rental (optional).
  • Detailed itineraries each day of riding , on most tours, GPS files ready to be downloaded to your GPS device.
  • Emergency phone number(s).

* Depending on particular trip. See individual trips details.

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