Our Team

These are the people behind the company.


Owner and Co-founder

Owner and co-founder of Best European Bike Tours and of the original Czech Active Tours. Originally from Prague, Czech Republic, lived in the US for 10 years, currently living in Perth, Australia, and Prague, where he spends summers organizing and running our bike tour. Translator, interpreter and active triathlete at times he is not running our tours. Loves cycling and strives to share his passion with other cyclists.


Owner and Co-founder

Ludvik’s wife, owner and co-founder of the original Czech Active Tours. Born in Ohio, USA, currently living in Perth, Australia, where she is a professor at Murdoch University. Helps with planning our tours and updating our websites with her attention to detail.


USA Logistics

She is in charge of our Michigan office, taking care of all the logistics in the USA. It would be very hard, if not impossible, without her.


Driver/Tour Guide

Also known as “Mr. Z”, historian, author of several history books, mostly from the WWI and WWII periods. Born in Prague, former cyclist and volleyball player, can talk about history forever, lots of fun to hang out with. Apart from Czech, he speaks German, Polish and English. Very happy to have him on the team


Tour Guide

Our “cultural” guide and advisor on our Andalucía tour. Long-time friend and the most knowledgeable person about history, literature and art one can imagine. Originally from Colombia, his Colombian meals are just unsurpassable.


Driver/Tour Guide

Born in the Czech Republic, studied in the USA and Finland, currently living in Prague. He is a sound engineer, very dependable, knowledgeable and happily willing to talk about almost anything, be it music, theater, sport, history…


Driver/Tour Guide

This is the man you want with you if you go to war. Master’s degree in civil engineering, hard-working and very handy. Lives in Brno in the Czech Republic.

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