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Why Best European Bike Tours? We believe that one of the best ways to see the world is from your bike. We strive to combine great and safe cycling with lots of cultural activities that allow you to see how people live, work, eat and cook, do things and have fun in other parts of the world.

On our bike tours, you will see not only the “must see” sites but many “of the off beaten path” places as well, all of that with our experienced and very knowledgeable support staff. Seeing and visiting the carefully selected tourist sites will give you an idea how people used to live many years ago and we definitely want you to experience that.

However, apart from that, because of our extensive knowledge of the areas we travel to, we will also show you many places that “normal” tourists do not see and that will give you a good window into the lives of people today.

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As an American company with most of its staff born in Europe, we are able to provide the best of both “worlds”: extensive knowledge of European culture and countryside, along with the superior service and professionalism that many travelers expect.


Unlike some of the bigger tour providers, we do not outsource our bike tours to other companies, hiring cheap student labor every year as tour guides. We have been running our tours with our own stable group of knowledgeable and bilingual staff for years. As a result, we believe we offer the best bicycle tours in the areas we cover. This belief of ours is confirmed every year by our satisfied and returning customers.


We let you ride at your own pace and as much, or as little, as you wish. While each tour has a carefully determined degree of difficulty, you can always take a shuttle in our SAG van for a part of the day or even the entire day if you just don’t feel like riding. We find this to be a great opportunity for couples where one of them is maybe an avid cyclist while the other one does not cycle much or even at all. You do not have to worry – we will take care of you whatever your level of fitness and skill.


Since we know the areas inside out, we are able to select the best possible routes from a traffic as well as sightseeing perspective. We scout our routes personally and pre-ride them all. We also keep them regularly updated in case a better option comes up.


You can bring your own bike or rent from us. We have hybrid, light (!) flat handlebars bicycles as well as regular drop handlebars road bikes available for you in all common sizes.


Carefully selected and time proven tasty meals that showcase local as well as international cuisine. You will be able to taste some of the best foods of each area you visit with us. The same applies to drinks – depending on the bicycle tour, you will be able to participate in a wine tasting or even to visit a brewery.


Friendly and knowledgeable tour hosts and bike tour guides who really know their stuff and history. Many of them have had the experience of living not only in Continental Europe but also in Great Britain, the USA and Australia.


Attention to detail – our SAG van (and its drivers) provides you not only with the option to take a shuttle when you don’t feel like riding, it also provides you with drinks and snack stops during the day, mechanical help and other services, which you may find useful, while monitoring the wellbeing of everybody.


Plenty of planned, and unplanned, activities along the way and at our destinations, including castle tours, having a coffee in a local cafe or lunch in a local restaurant, visiting an old church, palace or castle along the way, visiting a thermal spa, walking tours of some towns and cities and much more. In other words, familiarizing you with the countries and the way people live in the best possible way.


And most of all – satisfied customers for the last 19 years!!!

our team

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Co-founder and owner of Czech Active Tours, born in Prague, lived in the US for 10 years, now living in Perth, Australia. Spends every (European) summer in Europe running our bike tours. Active triathlete and translator. Loves cycling and sharing his passion with other cyclists.

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Ludvik’s wife, co-founder and owner of Czech Active Tours. Born in the US, currently living in Perth, Australia where she teaches at a university. Helps with organizing our bicycle tours with her attention to detail.

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Takes care of our logistics in our office in Michigan, USA. Can’t imagine operating without her.

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Born in the Czech Republic. Lives in Prague, where our European center is. He has an American wife and a sound-engineering studio. Tomas is the man who any company would love to have. Absolutely dependable, knowledgeable and with a great sense of humor, he can arrange pretty much anything.

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Our bike tour guide on our Andalucia bike tours. Long-time friend and the most knowledgeable person about history, art and literature you can imagine. He is also the best cook I know of.

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Born in the Czech Republic, studied in the US and lives in Prague. When he is not travelling with us, he is a sound engineer. He is dependable, knowledgeable and happily willing to talk about pretty much anything.

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If you go to war, Pavel is the man you want with you. Master degree in civil engineering, absolutely dependable, hard-working and very handy. Lives in the Czech Republic, in the city of Brno.

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Zdenek, our tour guide and good friend since our university days, has a PhD in history. Apart from taking care of you, he can answer almost any question you may have about the history of Europe. of Brno.

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