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Hi Ludvik, I had such a phenomenal time, and have nothing but positive things to say about how you ran the trip, the thoroughness with which you took care of every detail, and the thoughtfulness and kindness you showed at every turn.

Karen Barchas

California, USA

Ludvik, Thank you for a great tour. Your staff and the level of service on the tour were excellent. I appreciate how you gave us the flexibility to explore the region at our own pace and according to our own interests. I also appreciate the various tours that were provided, and the arrangements of the routes so that there were always interesting sites to visit along the way (castles, palaces, churches, spas, etc.). The snacks at the SAG stops were great and the bikes were of a good quality and well-maintained. The hotels and meals were very good, better than I expected. Definitely the best organized bike tour that I have experienced!

Joanne Belovich

Ohio, USA

Hi Ludvik, Although we are experienced at bike touring, we took our first guided tour with Czech Active Tours in June, 2008. We fondly refer to it as the four country, four capital, four language and four currency tour. It exceeded our expectations in every way. The countryside was beautiful, the routes were thoughtfully designed, the maps and cue sheets easy to follow and the snacks at the rest stops healthy and plentiful. We were particularly impressed by the after biking cultural experinces, including the wonderful walking tours and trip to the spa. Ludvik and his staff are well organized, professional and guest friendly. We think the tour is an excellent value and would highly recommend it to anyone condsidering a cycling vacation in that part of the world.

Rick and Mary Ellen

Connecticut, USA

Hello Ludek, Chip and I had a wonderful time on the Southern Bohemia bike trip. We enjoyed seeing this part of the Czech Republic by bicycle. The countryside was beautiful! We liked the choice of towns to visit-the UNESCO World Heritage Sites were a lovely surprise. You did a wonderful job of planning and leading the rides. We hope to return sometime to the Czech Republic for another bike ride or walking tour.

Nancy & Chip Morgan

Vermont, USA

Ludek, In my view you were successful in achieving what you aimed to deliver, and it was justwhat I was looking for. I wanted something different, and that is what you provided. Iloved the scenery of all 3 countries, and enjoyed the food.

Doug Stark


Ludek: I really enjoyed the food. It was delicious, a wonderful part of the experience. I enjoyed every minute of the climbs, the scenery, the food, the accommodations, the other cyclists and of course yourself, Pavel, Suzie and Roger.

Pat Carman

Vermont, USA

Hi Ludek,This was one of the best and most memorable trips we’ve taken. Your efforts in designing an interesting, unique trip were greatly successful. Your native country is beautiful. Even though wecomplained about the hills, we enjoyed every bit of it! Thanks again to you and Pavel for being our guides on this wonderful trip – and thanks to Suzie and Roger for hosting it!

Jim and Lisa Burque

California, USA

We chose the “Best European Bike Tours” for a terrific bike tour from Copenhagen to Helsinki. Our friends and we had previously enjoyed their “Prague to Budapest” tour a lot. Ludvik is a consummate ride leader and his staff works hard to make the tour terrific in every way.

Ludvik was joined by three other staff. Tomas worked wonders all the time and made it look easy. Whether it’s acrobatically mounting bikes onto the top of the vans, schlepping bags, whipping out a lunch stop, or pumping up tires, he was always busy helping. He made special trips as needed when my husband was ill. Martin, with beautiful hair, never failed to make us laugh and worked with Tomas. Ivan unfailingly swept our rides (rode last) and kept us safe. He was always there to guide the way, call for help, or help fix a flat. SAG support was fantastic. The crew worked together as a team, communicated well, and made every aspect of our trip enjoyable.

We rented bikes and sent our measurements on ahead. I needed a small bike and there were several petite women on the trip as well. I worried about getting the right sized bike. We each got bikes that fit us well. My rental bike needed little adjustment when I arrive and worked great. My husband takes a standard size and his bike worked well for him too. Having a good bike that fits well is important for cycling pleasure. Ours — and everyone’s — were great.

Ahh, but what about the tour itself? The scenery was varied and beautiful. Beautiful ocean coasts and wooded lands. Fields of grain. Green, green, green. The ferry cruises were as close to luxurious floating entertainment centers as I can imagine. The hotels were varied but generally upscale and the food — local and delicious. Every place on the tour was fabulous as the pictures on their website show. RideWithGPS files and the printed route sheets helped guide us through (mostly) low-traffic country routes. It was hard to get lost with Ludvik leading the way on each ride. Getting out of towns, he kept the whole group together. On the long country roads, we formed natural groups of different paces. Some tricky gravel roads reduced travel on busy highways. Rest stops with water, fresh fruit, cookies, etc. were every 20K or so. Lunch was available for purchase each day. Sunscreen and electrolytes were plentifully supplied.

We rode through villages during the Midsummer Holiday (the second most popular holiday after Christmas) and enjoyed helping a village to put together a leaf festooned Maypole. The cities were empty during the holiday because everyone flocked to the country to revel in the fine summer weather. Ludvik scheduled interesting walking tours and museum visits along the way that provided perspectives into the history of the towns.

I recommend “Best European Bike Tours” for touring from Copenhagen to Helsinki as well as their Prague to Budapest tour. Their services and choices of routes are so good, that I recommend them for any tour that they offer.

Mona & David Schorow

California, USA

Amazing Scandinavian bike tour, with caring and wonderful support from Ludvik and his team!
I’m looking forward to next year, from London to Paris bike tour.

Tina Pham

California, USA

Thank you for the wonderful bicycle tour! We very much enjoyed the trip and appreciate all the work and attention to detail you put into it. The accommodations and food were great, and SAG service top notch. I was impressed with the ferries being on cruise ships.

Of course my favourite part of the rides was the hill into Jonkoping! I also really enjoyed cycling on Mariehamn Island.

Michelle Kozel

Ohio, USA

Lots of great memories. That was a hell of a trip last year.

Gil Gillenwater

Arizona, USA

Article written by one of our cyclists after our Copenhagen to Helsinki tour for their club’s magazine:
FT2023_08 (wildapricot.org)


Thanks so much Ludvik! We had such a fantastic trip. Thank you for your planning, guiding and friendship.

Jennie Klopfer

British Columbia, CANADA

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