Breakfast everyday is included on all our bike tours. We do not provide lunches but our SAG van will supply you with water and snacks (e.g., cookies, fruit, nuts) throughout the day.

Cyclists usually do not eat big lunches, however, you are always welcome to stop in a restaurant and have a more substantial meal if you wish (provided there is a restaurant on the way). In the evening, we either have a group dinner, which can be a buffet style or carefully selected meal menus, taking into account your dietary requirements. On some tours, picnic lunches can be arranged upon request for extra cost.

Some evenings, in places where the selection is extensive, you may have a dinner on your own to have a rest from us 🙂, however, we will always give you recommendations for good places to eat.

In any case, food is one of the things on our bicycle tours we are very proud of. We have invested a lot of time in locating the best possible options for you and we believe we have succeeded. And that applies to various “national” and local dishes as well as those of an international cuisine.

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