Difficulty Levels

About 95% of our routes are on paved roads, and are therefore suitable for road bikes and hybrids. We categorize our bicycle tours into three basic difficulty levels. Each of them comes with recommendations about how well you should be prepared in order to be able to comfortably complete all of the mileage (see below). However, we strive to accommodate cyclists of all levels.

Should you think that you are not quite up to a certain level, it is not a problem provided you don’t mind spending some time with our entertaining and knowledgeable drivers. On any tour, you can ride as much as you want and shorten your time in the saddle based on your fitness level and desire.

You can actually be on the bike tour without even getting on the bike if that’s something you’d prefer, for example, if your partner is an avid cyclist and you are not but would still love to spend holidays together. The choice is yours.

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You should know how to cycle safely and be able to ride 20-50 km / 15-35 miles per day on a mostly flat or gently rolling terrain.

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For full enjoyment of the trip, you should come prepared to complete 60-85 km / 40-60 miles days comfortably on rolling to moderately hilly terrain.

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You should come well prepared for the trip and you should be an experienced rider. For full enjoyment of the trip, you should come prepared to complete 80-110 km / 50-65 miles per day on moderately hilly to hilly terrain. You should be able to complete several climbs on the route. You also need to know how to descend long and sometimes steep down hills and how to properly use your brakes!

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