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Welcome to Best European Bike Tours. We are looking forward to taking you on bicycle adventures in Europe, where we have been running our unique bicycle tours for almost twenty years. We started running our European tours as Czech Active Tours in 2005, originally focusing on the Czech Republic and its neighbouring countries. As time went on, partially due to the demand of our customers, we started adding more and more tours in various parts of Europe, so we finally decided to add a sister touring company with a name that better reflects what we do.

Apart from customized bike tours we organize and run all over Europe, our “standard” cycling tours focus on Germany, Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden and Finland), Central Europe (Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia) and Spain.

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As opposed to most other bike tour companies, which usually outsource their tours to local business and tour guides and students, we run our tours always ourselves, with a stabilized, dependable, reliable and bilingual (if not trilingual or more) crew, most of whom have been with us on our European bike tours for many years. You can thus be assured that the quality of our tours and provided services are always at the highest level, meeting your expectations, and do not fluctuate with whoever we would hire for this or that tour. That is also the reason why we have so many returning cyclists joining our tours every year.

We have European tours for cyclists of all levels, from complete beginners to avid and experienced cyclists. What they have all in common is that they want to experience Europe on two wheels, with superior support and knowledgeable guides, seeing places they would otherwise not be able to see. Check our extensive selection of European bike tours and pick the one (or ones) that suits you. Whichever bike tour you choose, we believe you will experience an unforgettable vacation in those parts of Europe you are interested in. We, at Best European Bike Tours, are looking forward to showing you the best of Europe.

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